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Student Committee

Inspiring New Leaders   

We are committed to offering artistic opportunities for all ages, with an emphasis on youth leadership and development. Over the years, we have increased opportunities for young people to learn music and theater. 


Students ages 12-18 may participate in our self-governed Student Committee.  The group meets regularly to discuss ideas for shows and fundraisers, eat pizza, and plan an annual production.   

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The Future of Performing Arts   

The Student Committee enhances our theatre organization in additional ways.  Students create cast-o-grams to sell to friends, families and fans of our cast and crew during performances of each new production.  They form life-long mentoring relationships with our volunteer leaders.  A student liaison is elected by the Board of Directors to share an active voice in the direction of our organization. 


We believe that our community needs to cultivate a new generation of artistic leadership.  Programs like the Student Committee have helped produce outstanding young people who have pursued performing arts education and successful performing arts careers.  They also develop community members who lead and affect change in civic and non-profit organizations as well as local government advisory councils. 


Students report a myriad of positive outcomes from theatre programming, including stronger communication skills, boosted self-esteem, healthier rapport with teachers and classmates, increased creativity and problem-solving skills, and an expanded sense of tolerance and respect for others. Cultivating these life skills in our youth ultimately builds a stronger community.  

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