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ASL Experience

Live Theatre in Sign

American Sign Language (ASL) is the language that serves our deaf and hard of hearing community.  Volunteers have been ASL interpreting at our theatre performances since 2010.  Central Stage is the only theater in Kitsap County that offers ASL-interpreted, live theatre performances for deaf and hard of hearing guests.  


Our multi-generational volunteers receive large-print scripts and attend rehearsals with the cast and crew.  High school students studying ASL often join our volunteer interpreters to hone their performance skills.  Each interpreter chooses a character (or characters) to “sign for” and spends hundreds of hours preparing for one weekend of performances during the production run.  Our volunteer interpreters have created an opportunity for deaf artists and guests to create, devise, and grow in the theater community.  And our interpreters help us successfully appeal to a larger audience.  


Our deaf and hard of hearing patrons come from near and far to attend the ASL-interpreted performances.  These patrons and their guests are treated to discount tickets and seating near the ASL interpreters, making live theater more accessible and inclusive for them.  When volunteers are available, we highlight ASL performances in our advertisements, so please join us for these shows and be inspired by the artistry of American Sign Language. 

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