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Foster Family


Christmas Story Connection

In 2017, we began a new tradition of inviting foster care families to attend our holiday performances, free of charge.  Inspired by our mission to build community connections, we contacted local foster organizations and welcomed anyone from their networks of parents/mentors and foster children to attend performances of A Christmas Story.  We honored all requests, turned no-one away, and registered each family for their show of choice.

A Helping Hand

As the show opened, we asked our audiences for help.  We offered flashing holiday bling-rings to make their dinner theatre experience more special. Each ring purchased paid for one foster child and a parent/mentor to attend the following weekend.  The ring also entitled its wearer to a raffle ticket, with a lucky winner selected at the end of each show to receive one of the following:


  • A free night at the Best Western Silverdale 

  • A commemorative leg-lamp used on our Christmas Story stage

  • A holiday gift basket, including wine from Victor Alexander Winery, Bainbridge Island

Making the Mission Possible

Our generous donors paid it forward in spades.  They made it possible for 118 parents/mentors and foster children to attend our performances.  Thank you to all who helped us reach a larger audience and for making live theater more accessible and inclusive for local foster families!

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