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CSTOCK's board identified a new strategic goal of ensuring that our future home is flexible enough to accommodate social distancing -- for patrons, performers, and backstage crews. Over the summer, we were approached by Circuit Of The Northwest and Port of Bremerton with an incredible opportunity to join in their Regional Event Center across from the Bremerton Airport. We have entered preliminary agreements for an indoor/outdoor stage and amphitheater that will allow us to continue performances and summer youth camps even when other indoor facilities are closed. This will be designed as a shared, multi-purpose community facility that gives CSTOCK a sustainable, long-term home. 

CSTOCK View 1.jpg

Our new theater will be unique and welcoming to everyone. It will serve as a community theater, a vibrant hub of educational activity and entertainment both day and night. It is designed as a training ground for a new generation of leadership in performing arts; a space that opens the imagination, encourages creative expression, leverages technology, and inspires character development for everyone who participates on stage or in the audience.


The theater has a seating capacity for over 200 patrons, with a proscenium stage, useful wing space, storage, set design space, and lighting and acoustic elements that anyone can learn to use. The community will see this as a destination to enjoy a variety of music, dance, spoken word, and live community theatre performances in comfortable seats for an affordable price.

CSTOCK Interior.jpg

The new theater will allow us to honor our vision of expanding access to family-friendly performing arts programs in Kitsap County. It will also benefit other smaller local arts groups, such as dance studios and musical performers that currently struggle to find suitable, high quality, affordable stages for practices and performances. Engaging the entire community in arts education allows us to draw from diverse backgrounds and provide access to quality performing arts for all.

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