Camp CSTOCK - Childrens Workshops

Childrens WorkshopCamp CSTOCK workshops have been a core activity at the theatre for many years. The camp is designed to introduce young Kitsap County residents to the excitement and thrill of stage performances in an environment that encourages each participant to explore their talents in a friendly yet structured setting. Camp is available for Spring Break, multiple Summer sessions, and Winter Break.

Each Camp CSTOCK participant will perform, on stage, at the end of the workshop. Each workshop is carefully designed to teach without intimidating the participants. Camp CSTOCK Directors and Instructors are selectively chosen for their abilities in theatre as well as their abilities with children.

Camp CSTOCK attendees are given the chance to practice the basics of stage performance like, (singing, dancing, blocking, lights, crew, costumes, hair and make-up). They are carefully coached and encouraged no matter what their skill level.

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Youth Intern Program

Directors in TrainingThe CSTOCK Youth Intern Program is an educational program for older youth with stage experience who wish to go a little further with their knowledge of Stage Management.

The Youth Intern Program is tightly integrated with Camp CSTOCK. While the younger participants are learning the basics of stagecraft, the older participants are exposed to the fundamental skills necessary to manage a theatre production.

The budding directors are exposed to a variety of essential theatre management and theatre show production skills including staging/blocking, choreography, music direction, set and costume design, and stage managing.

Each intern works with a group of other interns under the guidance of CAMP CSTOCK Director Andrea Gonzales. This group of interns will assist in all aspects of running CAMP CSTOCK. They must work together as a group and work closely with the camp participants.

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CSTOCK Youth Committee

CSTOCK Youth CommitteeThe Youth Committee is a group of younger Theatre members with a passion for CSTOCK. Youth Committee Members are between 13 and 21 years of age. Many of the activities performed by the Youth Committee can be applied to the student's Community Service requirements.

Youth Committee members take a very active role in the care and feeding of the Theatre. They are responsible for a number of activities, like the Cast-O-Gram program, designed to motivate and encourage other members of the Theatre. They help with the Theatre "chores" like ticket sales, answering telephone inquiries and general cleanup. And they promote involvement in the Theatre to their group of peers outside of the Theatre.

Two members of the Youth Committee serve as student representatives on the CSTOCK Board (non-voting), acting as a liason between the older Theatre members and the young performers the Theare aims to promote. The unique perspective this liason brings to the Board is invaluable for maintaining open communications between these two age groups.

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Kitsap County Youth Talent Showcase

Kitsap County Youth Talent ShowcaseThe Kitsap County Youth Talent Showcase, is a chance for any talented young performer, or performers, from the local area to show off their skills.

Long before there was karaoke, there were Talent Shows. The Talent Showcase harkens back to simpler times when entertainment was something in which our neighbors, friends and families were involved.

Any family-appropriate act is welcome in the Talent Showcase. Singers, dancers and musicians are welcome. Single performers or groups of performers (with some limitations of course) are welcome.

The Talent Showcase is intended to provide an opportunity for our local young performers to get some additional experience on stage. The Talent Showcase is a well-attended event, drawing viewers from each ofl the local Community Theatres as well as family members and well-wishers.

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