Sullivan And Gilbert graphic
Produced by CSTOCK

September 13th, 1996
October 6th, 1996


  • September 13th, 1996 7:30 pm
  • September 14th, 1996 7:30 pm
  • September 15th, 1996 3:00 pm
  • September 20th, 1996 7:30 pm
  • September 21st, 1996 7:30 pm
  • September 22nd, 1996 3:00 pm
  • September 27th, 1996 7:30 pm
  • September 28th, 1996 7:30 pm
  • September 29th, 1996 3:00 pm
  • October 4th, 1996 7:30 pm
  • October 5th, 1996 7:30 pm
  • October 6th, 1996 3:00 pm


Randy Powell

Music Director

Gwen Adams


Anthony Martin & Chelsea Nance

Stage Manager

Stan Creswell

Production Crew

Assistant director Elizabeth Froines
Costume coordinator Jessica Cook
Costume coordinator Randy Powell
Costume coordinator Loretta Roossien
Light design Jennifer Luzbetak
Light design Karen Luzbetak
Prop coordinator Sally Richardson
Set construction Larry Adams
Set design Randy Powell
Stage Crew Mitch Jones
Stage Crew Stan Creswell


Piano Sandy Jones

"Sullivan And Gilbert"

This clever show takes place at the Savoy Theatre in 1890. Gilbert and Sullivan, who have been feuding for years, are forced to work together one more time: Queen Victoria commands a performance of their most popular songs. Part docu drama, part period comedy, and part "Gilbertt and Sullivan's Greatest Hits," this is a delightful revue from the author of Lend Me a Tenor.

Actor/Actress Character Role(s)  
Bob Dunphy W. S. Gilbert  
Jerry Waddell Sir Arthur Sullivan  
Randy Powell Richard D'Oyle Carte  
Elizabeth Froines Kitty Gilbert  
Gwen Adams Francois Cellier
Knate Cliber Alfred, Duke Of Edinburgh  
Jacquie Svedran Queen Victoria (1)  
Jennifer Degnan Queen Victoria (2)  
Stan Creswell Stage Manager  
Jessica Moore Rosina Brandham  
Kathy Engelstad Sybil Grey  
Leslie Engelhard Jesse Bond
Stacy Brunner Violet Russell (1)  
Chandra Orme Violet Russell (2)  
Kim Parvin Durward Lely  
Ken Luzbetak George Grossmith  
Gary Spees Rutland Barrington
Steve Lager Courtice Pounds  
Jessica Cook Pre-Show Chorus  
Mitch Jones Pre-Show Chorus  
Anthony Martin Pre-Show Chorus  
Chelsea Nance Pre-Show Chorus  
Bethany Pickard Pre-Show Chorus  
Loretta Roossien Pre-Show Chorus  
Tanner Thorp Pre-Show Chorus  
Sandy Jones Pre-Show Keyboard