Laura E. Sullivan Memorial Scholarship

Ray Abundis Musician / Dance / Technical Support Scholarship



  1. Must be a graduating high school senior or first-year college student, not older than 21 years of age.
  2. Must be a resident of Kitsap County.
  3. Must have a profound interest in the performing arts with an emphasis in musical comedy theatre.
  4. Must complete and mail an application which will be reviewed and rated (one-third of total score.
  5. Actors/Actresses must present a live audition (two-thirds of total score) to a board of judges in each of the three areas described below.  This is also the order of presentation during your audition:
    • A comic monologue – 3-minutes duration (memorized)
    • A dramatic monologue – 3-minutes duration (memorized)
    • A song (3 ½ min. maximum), preferably from a Broadway musical show (memorized). Bring your own accompanist.
  6. Musicians/dancers or technical support scholarship applicants will be interviewed.  Eligibility for this scholarship includes participation in a Central Stage Theater (CSTOCK) production sometime during the past 18 months.


Congratulations to our honorees:

  • First Place - $1,000 award to Isaac Ettobi, Olympic College
  • Second Place - $500 award to Kaylee Frede, Cornish School of the Arts
  • Ray Abundis Technical Scholarship - $500 award to Annika Thornburg, Portland State University