Capital Campaign

Staging for Success!

We are thrilled to announce our extraordinary new partnership with Central Kitsap School District to jointly construct a new community - school theater at Ridgetop!


Site of new theater at Ridgetop Middle School / Silver Ridge Elementary Campus.

Our new theater will be unique and welcoming to everyone. It will serve as a community theater on a school campus, a vibrant hub of educational activity and entertainment both day and night. It is designed as a training ground for a new generation of leadership in performing arts; a space that opens the imagination, encourages creative expression, and inspires character development for everyone who participates on stage or in the audience. The theater has a seating capacity for over 200 students and patrons, with a thrust stage, sprung floor, useful wing space, and lighting and acoustic elements that anyone can learn to use. The community will see this as a destination to enjoy a variety of music, dance, spoken word, and live community theatre performances in comfortable seats for an affordable price.

Preliminary conceptual design

Preliminary conceptual design for new theater, attached to Ridgetop Commons.

The new theater will allow us to honor our vision of expanding access to family-friendly performing arts programs in Kitsap County. It will also benefit other smaller local arts groups, such as dance studios and musical performers that currently struggle to find suitable, high quality, affordable stages for practices and performances. Engaging the entire community in arts education allows us to draw from diverse backgrounds and provide access to quality performing arts for all.

Watch NOW to learn more about our project:

Generous Funding Provided By:


We are also deeply grateful to our family, friends and fans for your support. If you wish to make a gift to our capital campaign, please click HERE to be redirected to our "Support Us" page.

Founders ($5,000+)

  • Gina & Todd Buskirk
  • Lori & Tony Durham
  • Josh Hopp
  • Brandon Myers
  • Charles Platten
  • Stacey & Don Saunders

Director's Circle ($1,000+)

  • Dr. Niran Al-Agba (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • Karen & Dale Borer
  • David & Jessica Faragalli
  • Brian & Rochal George
  • Eric & Linda Greene
  • Susan & Scott Gremmert
  • Dr. Bill Halligan & Pam McPeek (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • Emileigh Kershaw
  • Kathleen Kershaw
  • Dave Rubens
  • Adrienne Runyan
  • Lorna & Neil Watson
  • Anonymous

Stars ($500+)

  • Judge Jeffrey Bassett
  • Robert Forman
  • Margie Kluth
  • David & Shanna McVicker
  • Bill Pulliam
  • Bruce Richards & Peggy Walker

Scenemakers ($250+)

  • Paula & Doug Bailey
  • Claire Bishop
  • Shannon Bruce
  • Brian & Traci Leslie
  • Commissioner Ed Wolfe & Wendy Miles
  • Dr. Pankaj & Laurie Sharma (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • Lisa & Steve Stirrett

Patrons ($100+)

  • Rep. Sherry Appleton
  • Dr. Paul Aufderheide (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • Bruce & Catherine Benson
  • Ethan Bernstein
  • Kathleen & Allan Breitmayer
  • Janet Brittain
  • Marcia Brixey
  • Natalie Bryson
  • Bess Camp
  • David & Katherine De Bruyn
  • Rebecca Dominguiano (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • David Emmons
  • Joyce Farley (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • Bob Fredericks (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • Marie Freeberg
  • Linda Fischer
  • Joe Gray
  • Daniel & Elaine Johnson
  • Dr. Arthur & Kay Lee (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • Heather McClellan
  • Brian Miller
  • Dr. David & Roseanne Murphy
  • Paul & Andie Pazooki
  • Dr. Harold and Ann Pebbles (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • Drs. Ronald & Susan Reimer (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • Shannon Rohr
  • Steve Robinson (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • Angie Silva
  • Susan & Steven Strachan
  • Anonymous

Fans ($50+)

  • Sharon Adams
  • Lana Carpenter
  • Sue & Douglas Downs
  • Ben & Christina Frans
  • Kellie Holley (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • John Klein
  • The Klions Family
  • Sharon & Pete Knox
  • Gail Mustonen
  • Dr. Enayat & Fran Niakan (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • Tim & Ann Olson (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • Tim & Kelly Polsin
  • Kelly & Mike Robinson
  • Wallace Ross
  • Jeanie & Rick Schulze
  • Dennis South
  • Paul E. Taylor
  • Piper Thornburgh
  • Nora Thornton
  • The Van Datta Family
  • Staff at Timberland Bank, Silverdale (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)


  • Elsie & Gerald Alameda
  • Ryan Black
  • Sandra Zuber-Bowers
  • Noreen Braniff
  • Catherine Briggs
  • Cheryl Brown (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • Tineke Dahl
  • Kalen Delaney
  • Bobby Goodson
  • Bruce Heacock
  • Sebastian Allen, Nancy & Craig Hegdahl (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • Marilyn Larrabee
  • Steve Peterson
  • Anita & Daniel Puzon (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • Keith Rouch (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • Palmer & Joseph Scheutzow
  • The Segerman Family (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • The Sunkel Family (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • Robin Sveen
  • Katie Walters
  • Aileen Witt (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)
  • John & Joan Zaratian (In memory of Dr. Saad Al-Agba)

8th Annual Girls' Day Out Luncheon 2017 - $15,535 raised by our community!