CSTOCK Auditions

Our Town

Our Town Auditions - Saturday 2/20 & Sunday 2/21

February 20th, 2010
Audition Contact: Albert Guerra

All auditions will be held in the theatre at the Silverdale Community Center.

Day: Saturday, February 20, 2010 and Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Please prepare a 2 minute (or less) monologue and/or be prepared to cold read from the script.

Auditions are open to actors ages 12 and older.


Stage Manager: The most important character in the play has no name and little importance in the story's action. But he has the longest part with more speeches than any other character, and is always on the stage. In addition to his duties as the "chorus," the Stage Manager also plays prim Mrs. Forest, old-fashioned and conservative Mr. Morgan, and the solemn minister.

Dr. Frank Gibbs: Frank Gibbs is a loving father and a kind husband. He knows just about everything about everybody in town, and he is perfectly content to live his life in Grover's Corners.

George Gibbs: George Gibbs is the All-American boy, or, more appropriately, what some people think of as the typical boy—nice and polite, but not very good at book and school learning; loving, but not very good at expressing those emotions; and perfectly happy to stay on the farm.

Julia Hersey Gibbs: Mrs. Gibbs, a wife and a mother, can be viewed as interchangeable with the character of Myrtle Webb. Each worries about her husband and her children.

Rebecca Gibbs: Rebecca is the younger sister of George Gibbs. She is presented, with Wally Webb, as a child squabbling with an older sibling in the family scenes.

Charles Webb: Like the character of Dr. Frank Gibbs, Charles Webb is a loving father and a kind husband with a sense of humor that survives the strain of their children's marriages.

Emily Webb: Emily Webb might be called "the All-American girl." She is bright, articulate, and, despite the anxiety she shares with her mother, a beautiful creature. She is the focus of the action of the play.

Myrtle Webb: Myrtle Webb and Julia Hersey Gibbs, like their husbands, are two characters that can be viewed as virtually interchangeable. Content with life in Grover's Corners, each is a wife and a mother whose life focuses on her husband and her children.

Wally Webb: As the younger brother of Emily Webb, Wally is seen throughout the play as child squabbling with his older sibling.

Constable Warren: There seems to be little in the way of crime in Grover's Corners, so Constable Warren has to watch over the safety of the townspeople.

Sam Craig: Like the Crowell brothers and Howie Newsome, Sam Craig and Joe Stoddard bring news, but instead of bringing news of life, they bring news of death. Through them the audience learns of recent deaths and how they have affected the town.

Joe Crowell & Si Crowell: Joe Crowell and his brother Si, are the town's newspaper boys. They are up early making their rounds before the town wakens.

Howie Newsome: Howie Newsome, the milkman, is one of the town's early risers. A friendly and chatty man, Howie delivers the local gossip with his milk and cream every morning to the residents of Grover's Corners.

Louella Soames: Mrs. Soames is the town chatterbox. She always has something to say, even when she's dead.

Simon Stimson: Stimson is the church organist who has a drinking problem and is the focus of much of the gossip of Graver's Corners. Even in death, Simon Stimson is a bitter man.

Joe Stoddard: Like the Crowell brothers and Howie Newsome, Joe Stoddard and Sam Craig bring news, but instead of bringing news of life, they bring news of death. It is through them that the audience learns of recent deaths and how they have affected the town.

Cameo roles:

In addition there are a number of smaller cameos that double as citizens of Grovers Gorners:

Professor Willard: Elderly Academic from the State University who gives Geological/ Anthropological lecture on the background of Grover’s Corners and environs. Actor will become a citizen...

Woman In Balcony
Man at Back of Auditorium
Artistic Lady

These 3 are “plants” in the audience for a Q &A session with the Stage Manager in Act One ...Classic Thornton Wilder! They will go on to become citizens in Act’s Two and Three.

Three Baseball Players - friends of George Gibbs
Dead Man
Dead Woman
Mr. Carter
Farmer McCarthy

Also, there should be around five or six young people (Boys and Girls) who are classmates and friends of the Gibbs and Webb children.